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 Dr. Oz on Nitrosamides and Alzheimers 


Dr. Weil on to how to live healthy long lives

Dr. Ornish on lifestyle changes and disease.

Lifestyle Improvement plans

These plans will help you get started down a healthier lifestyle.

1  Your first 90 day lifestyle plan

2 The end of  first year lifestyle plan

Top 10  toxins to eliminate


 BPA and BHT in plastics and preservatives.

  MSG and its forms like soy protein isolate, glutamate, yeast extract, vegetable protein.

7 Farmed fish and meat from CAFO farms that are given hormones and antibiotics.

 GMOs which contain weed killer - "Round up".

 Artificial dyes in foods.

4 High fructose corn syrup 

9 Acrylamides which are formed from heating starchy vegetables- like chips, french fries, cereals.

 Nitrites in processed meats like bacon, hot dogs and sausages.

10  Tobacco products which are the most dangerous of  toxins.

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