Toxins- the top 10

It is estimated that we have between 400- 500 toxins inside our body. A recent study (US environmental working group) showed that 10 randomly selected newborn babies had over 230 toxins in their blood. Other studies confirm the high number of toxins.

The number of toxins in our body is so staggering, it is hard to identify just the top 10 worst. However, below is a top 10 "rogues gallery" of toxins.There is no difference between #1 or #10, they are all nasty. But since there so many toxins to deal with, I will have another toxin blog , maybe I will call them the "dirty dozen"?

These top 10 toxins will impact alzheimer's (and cancer) , the next dirty dozen will impact these diseases and other diseases. All ten on this "rouges gallery" you currently eat/drink/inhale but need to avoid in your diet or home to increase your lifespan and avoid serious disease.

#1 Excitotoxins. What the heck are these? Well , how about MSG (mono sodium glutamate) and Aspartame. Excitotoxins have dramatically increased in our food supply in the last 30 years. MSG consumption has doubled every 10 years (MSG increased 8X in 30 years and Aspartame-4X in same time frame). Dr. Perlmutter in his best selling book "Grain brain" describes these substances as compounds that are neurodegenerative. They excite your neural cells and cause them to be excited, shrivel and die. Aspartame is in all diet sodas and gum has the same impact (remember it did not pass FDA twice before political underhandedness). Below is a list of MSG like names that you can find since the food makers have been avoiding the use of MSG in the last 10 years.

If you want to read more about Excitotoxins, read Dr Blaylock's book : "Excitotoxins- the taste that kills" or check youtube videos. Dr Blaylock (Neurologist) talks about toxins, sugar and omega 6 fats below: EVERYONE watch this video!! Check it out for some BIG surprises - 6 minutes especially you drink diet soda and take flu shots!

#2 Fructose. Well, you know about this compound. I will not call it a food because there is nothing nutritious about fructose especially HFCS (high fructose corn syrup). It is on the list because it creates toxins. We have increased our consumption of fructose by 4X in the last 30 years. Excess fructose is a main cause of Diabetes 2, alzheimer's, kidney disease, heart disease and other neurodegenerative diseases. The daily maximum limit is 25gm/day and most adults consume 2X that limit. Young adults consume over 75gm/day (think soda and juices mostly) which is why obesity and diabetes are impacting our society. Fructose is known to generate those deadly AGEs (toxins) talked about in diabetes 2 and omega 6 blog. Fructose binds with proteins or fats and these compounds are a primary factors in alzheimer's and they also a causative factor in heart disease. Other blogs have/will talk more on these AGEs. Dangers of HFCS from CBN- 16 minutes show.

Here is a list of fruits and fructose levels to help you sort out what fruits/sugars NOT to eat.This is a very good reference for sugar and fructose content .

#3 Nitrosamines. Nitrosamines are compounds we get from what we eat, what we drink and how we cook. Almost all processed meats (meats, bacon, hot dogs, sausages etc) contain nitrites that in our stomach convert into nitrosamines. Beer contains nitrosamines the darker the beer (imported or microbrew) the higher the amount of nitrosamines. When our meat/fish is cooked at high temperature, the protein changes into nitrites and nitrosamines. Charcoal grilling is the worst, getting a hamburg at a fast food place is not much better. Nitrosamines (increased 8X in last 30 years) are known carcinogens and have been known to cause cancer and neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer's. Over a decade or two eating/drinking of nitrosamines will negatively impact your health. A Dr OZ , a MUST SEE video BELOW-13 minutes and a good description of Alzheimer's.

Here is an additional Nitrosamine 2 minute video.......

#4. PCB, PBA, and BHT. These are the organic chemicals added to plastic containers, paper receipts, and other additives in our diet or food system. PCBs were banned in 1980 but they are still in our environment and everyone (98% of us - including our grandchildren) have them in their body. BHT and BHA are all banned outside our country. They are ALL classified as endocrine disruptors and wreak havoc on the thyroid and nervous system. PBAs are partially banned in USA and if you see number 7 on bottom of plastic bottle/container - throw it out. Most soup cans and canned vegetables use BPA as liner material. BPA (95% of us have it in our body) is also on the paper receipts we get for stores after we sign off. BHT is used as a preservative. Other comments on these compounds:

#5 Heavy metals. Not the music but mercury, aluminum and lead. We all have mercury inside us from amalgam fillings, and fish. Mercury also comes from vaccines- flu and hepatitis. Check first link below for startling new info on vaccines and Alzheimer's.

Twenty five percent of the mercury is from what we breathe, eat (fish) and flu shots and the other 75% from amalgam (50% mercury) fillings in our teeth (or used to be in our teeth). Amalgam fillings have been banned in Sweden, Germany, Denmark and other countries for decades but not in the USA.Aluminum is absorbed in our tissue from deodorants (especially anti-perspirants) , buffered aspirin, and stomach acid tablets (Tums, Rolaids)and food cooked in Aluminum foil!. Lead comes from old paint, pipes and lead fumes from leaded gasoline.Sixty four million people in the USA live in an old house that has/had lead paint.

#6. GMOs. Genetically modified organisms- very controversial topic. GMOs are are train wreck in our body. Almost all the corn, rice, sugar and soy we eat is GMO along with 40 other crops. Monsanto has created a seed that contains "Round-Up" in it so farmers do not have to spray the pesticide on the fields. Unfortunately, the "Round-Up" pesticide gets into the food. Most countries outside of the USA are trying to ban the GMO movement. Even some crops that do not contain the seed like peanuts are rotated with corn, alfalfa (for cow consumption) and cotton so the peanuts get contaminated via the soil. Monsanto has claimed the "Roundup Ready" seed is safe but there are few lab tests and NO human tests ever done to prove that. Roundup is proven to be a hormone disruptor and a probable carcinogen ( based on lab animals). Here is recent study done in France ( not funded by Monsanto) that throws more fuel in into this contentious product in our food supply.

Below is a slide presentation made in Feb. 2014 by Dr. Stephanie Seneff, MIT professor on GMOs and their impact on many diseases. It is long but like the movie " Food, Inc" (if you skim through parts of it), you will not forget the punchline. Monsanto is trying to discredit her and other scientists working in this area.

To make this GMO story even more crazy, did you know that farmers spray "Roundup", a known poison on almost all barley, oat and wheat crops just before harvest! YIKES. GMOs stay away from them. Read labels and look for non- GMO.

GMOs are a good reason to go low carb, especially low grain and sugar.

To make a bad story worse, the GMO movement by Monsanto is NOT doing the job in killing bugs, so the farmer has to increase his use of herbicide by 30% in last 10 years because the bugs are getting resistant to the GMO crop! Our food supply is becoming more toxic every decade.

#7. Microwave popcorn. Do I have to have to take all the fun out of food? Read on.

Two problems- trans fats and PFCOs. You knew because it tasted so good something was wrong -right? It doesn' t matter whether you get it at movies or home- it is bad news unless you pop non GMO corn at home with no butter in your own bag.

"Doctors are advising to be wary of certain microwavable popcorn products."Chemicals used in the lining of microwavable popcorn bags, including perfluorooctanoic acid, or PFOA, are part of a class of compounds that may be linked to infertility in humans, according to a recent study from UCLA. In animal testing, the chemicals caused liver cancer, testicular cancer and pancreatic cancer. Studies show that microwaving causes the chemicals to vaporize and migrate into your popcorn, where they can stay in the body for years and accumulate.

#8. Farmed fish..Salmon, Talapia etc. The toxins in farmed fish are PCBs, mercury, and high arachidonic acid ( think chronic inflammation) due to the farmed fish eating soy protein and corn/soy oil instead of algae. Some nutritionists claim farmed salmon and Talapia are 2 of the worst foods you can eat. Buy/eat only wild salmon and fish.

#9. Meat that is not free range. Most meat we eat comes from large farms that feed their animals hormones, corn and soy protein to fatten them up fast. Of course the stomachs of cows, pigs and chickens do not like soy/corn so they get sick and antibiotics have to be given to the animals to keep them alive so they make it to the slaughter house. The hormones and antibiotics are in the tissues we eat which means we become antibiotic resistant and consume extra hormones. The meat from these animals is high in omega 6 (soy and corn) and very low in omega 3 fats and the tissue also contains GMO compounds from the feed. These meats are banned in most other countries but not in the USA. The meat also contains extra drugs (perhaps as high as 200) that you do not want- see below link.

#10.Radon. Radon is poison gas and comes from the cellar of your home. It is not a substance you think of and as a matter of fact, a gas (can't smell it or see it) you may have never heard of til now.

Tobacco smoking causes 80% of lung cancer and radon gas from your house causes the remaining 15-20% of all lung cancers. Many people die of lung cancer without knowing radon killed them. Radon kills 20,000 people a year. It is the #1 cause of lung cancer for people who do not smoke. Second hand smoke is #3 for lung cancer deaths.

Radon is a radioactive compound that is found in homes, buildings, and schools. It is measured by a simple device that collects radon. A measurement of 4 picocuries/liter or higher is unsafe.

Colorado is a high radon state (ranked 10th). When we moved here, our house was tested for radon and the reading was less than 2, but after 10 years, cracks formed in the basement floor and bingo the radon level jumped to 11 which is dangerously high. I corrected the issue by putting in a fan ( I already had a pipe under the basement floor to roof) to suck the stuff up from under the basement slab. The fan dropped the radon level to below 1.5. If you are exposed to a level of 4 picocuries/l for about 10-20 years, you have high risk of cancer or COPD . I knew about radon and I corrected the problem. How about you? The average radon level in a US household is 1.3 picocuries/l.

Radon is found in all states.Here are the top ten states with high radon. Highest to lowest in top 10: IA, TN, ND, SD, MT, AR, WA, AL, VT, NC, and CO. The 10 lowest states with Radon - Alaska, Ma, NY, Tx, La, CT, Md, Fl, Ark, NJ.

The toxin fact of the day: 13/15 highest radon containing states have the highest Alzheimer's death rate. Conversely the lowest 10 radon states have the lowest Alzheimer's death rate with exception of Arizona ( in top 10 worst states with Alzheimer's) whose aging population mostly comes from most of the high Western radon states. Doctors have found (by accident) that radon travels from the lung to the brain over decades and that is why there is an Alzheimer's to radon link. There is more than a casual relationship between Alzheimer's and radon gas.

Click on below link to check out your area. Within a state the radon level varies greatly. For instance in NY state if you live in Troy, Saratoga springs, Syracuse and Tonawanda, the average levels there are 5.8, 3.8, 6.8 and 1.2 respectively. Buffalo/Rochester/NYC area is fine but not the Albany/Syracuse area!!

I picked those areas because of where some readers live. Check out your county- some of you will be very surprised.

I can give you advice on what to do if you have a reading of 4 or higher.

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