Why we get sick!!!

"Sometimes people don't want to hear the truth, because they don't want their illusions destroyed."-- Nietzsche

The CDC claims all chronic illnesses and some cancers are preventable and caused by lifestyle factors. I defined those ten factors for you in earlier blogs and are listed below:

Anti- inflammatory diet; Toxin reduction and avoidance; Eat high quality foods and buy green products; manage our stress better; exercise more; stay social and give /take love and affection; don't smoke or drink only in moderation; have faith in God; hydrate with water.

The question is why do we get sick? The simple answer is we do not lead a healthy lifestyle which we know prevents chronic disease. But, the answer is really more complex and has at least 3 major components from a mental standpoint..

We don't do not have the right mindset of achieving health. We do not have the right knowledge or skills to improve our health. We do not like to change our behaviors especially our lifestyle.

#1. We have a mindset of dependence on our doctors for our health versus take ownership of our health by ourselves. Our health care system is set up for paternal doctor care. We pay our health insurance and expect doctors to keep us healthy by correcting our problems. Most Americans are not accountable for their own health and do not realize that doctors do little to prevent disease. That is our responsibility, do you accept that responsibility? How do you quantify your health? Do you track your own key health parameters? Have you created a baseline of results that you monitor on annual basis? Do you have a multi- year plan to create a healthy lifestyle? Do you tell your doctors what you need for tests or do you just do what they say without questioning?

If you were accountable , you would be doing these actions above. A healthy lifestyle is the key success factor to our health not doctors visits. Do you have the right paradigm?

Studies have shown that 97% of Americans do not eat healthy and exercise enough. Over 70% of people say they know eating healthy is necessary for them to be healthy. Eighty percent of adults surveyed say they do not exercise enough. Since an unhealthy lifestyle causes disease and we are not doing what we should be doing for a healthy lifestyle, we don't appear accountable. Are you?


#2 We do not have the right know knowledge or skills to be and stay healthy.

Until this blog, did you know what that lifestyle is the most critical aspect of attaining health? Did you know that an anti-inflammatory diet is required to be healthy. Are you eating an anti- inflammatory diet now? A typical American diet is the major reason we get sick. What have you done since this blog started to eliminate some of those 25 toxins? Have you read articles the last month about chronic inflammation that causes all major chronic diseases? Do you know how to plan to achieve a healthy lifestyle? Are you measuring daily some aspect of a lifestyle change that you need to do to get the results you want?

Did you know over 90% of people who go on a diet fail to achieve their weight goal and maintain it. Why? We do not know how to plan,measure behaviors and set consequences. We lack the skills and know how in planning and executing changes. Doctors do not have this knowledge. What knowledge or ski gaps do you have? Surveys indicate we lack lifestyle knowledge and our doctors are good sources of nutritional knowledge.




#3 We don't like to change what we are doing to create a healthy lifestyle. No one enjoys change. To change to a healthy lifestyle requires many behavioral changes. We have stop eating foods we like. We have to learn new skills. Do you understand the role of behavioral change in making change? Behavioral training comes from reading, work applications and understanding the role of behavior in improving. Few people get this training. When I wrote the blog on the link between lifestyle ( diet, toxins, exercise, de-stressing etc), what changes did you make or start on. If not, why not? Was the resistance to change greater than your need for change?

Health is all about personal leadership. I wrote an ebook recently ( right side of blog) that covers the above reasons or excuses of why we don't eat healthy. Doctors do not help us get healthy. That is our responsibility. We own our health. You either acquire the knowledge, skill and will to become healthy and well or you get sick. You need to start the lifestyle changes in your thirties or forties for best wellness results. Later in life you can stop the progression of some diseases, but you have to be monitoring your own health to make corrections before it is too late. Right now, our children in the millennial generation are expected to live less than us. That is because they are leading a poor lifestyle especially a poor diet. As a parent, you may need to provide information about a healthy lifestyle to your children for their benefit and our countries.

This blog is set up for people who want to change to lead healthy lives and pass on that knowledge and skill to to others.

My $3 ebook can help those of you who are interested in learning more about a healthy lifestyle. There are other books out there to increase your knowledge as well.

So here is your challenge and choice.

I challenge you to commit to improve your health by increasing your knowledge and skill by either reading my ebook for background or decide to get that information from other sources on the web or books. There are many choices how to get lifestyle improvement knowledge. You need to start with an anti-inflammatory diet.

Increasing your knowledge, skill and will with a mindset of health accountability will allow you to break the dependence with your doctors and start down the path of being more independent which must happen for you be healthy, stay healthy and live long. Doctors are there for when you are sick. They are not trained in preventive care or nutrition to prevent disease.

However, you need to be your own health advocate. You also need to fill knowledge and skill gaps. Doing a gap analysis of your understanding of lifestyle factors is a good first step.

The choice is yours to make. Choose change, creating a healthy lifestyle and health or choose - do nothing, eventually get sick and expect pay for the high cost of sickness.

If you choose - do nothing.

Are you one of 97% of Americans who have an unhealthy lifestyle and not doing anything about it??

Are you going to change your habits to be healthy or sit on the sidlelines and just wait to get sick.

This is an important self assessment blog in helping you determine your plan of health care. The system we have that we call health care is really sick care. Sick care will not help you get well. I will posting some book resources on the website that can be used to increase your knowledge and skill.


"You can't afford to get sick, and you can't depend on the present health care system to keep you well. It's up to you to protect and maintain your body's innate capacity for health and healing by making the right choices in how you live." -- Dr. Andrew Weil

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