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U.S. Health care crash:
Your survival kit

This book will define the problems with our health care system and why they can't be solved by the government or the medical community. 

The Health care system will crash in less than 10 years due to high costs that will never come down causing chaos for everyone. The government is clueless and the industry has no incentive to change.

The only solution out of this mess is for you to change your paradigm of health care. Your life style choices define whether you get sick or not. You need to accept responsibility for your health. 

This book offers a doable vision that can be implemented by you with plans of how to get started.

The $3 of this book is the best investment of your life.

I am energized by reading your E-Book . I found it to be crisp, refreshing, engaging, and revealing. Your have brought to light and factually exposed our Healthcare...less ”Sick Care” System, in a stark easy to follow manner. 

 You reveal the present drastic state of affairs and realistically appraise what the future will be, without the necessary significant changes in our individual Life Style behaviors. You address adroitly the causes and provide excellent guides lines for a call to action to create a better future for ourselves and the nation.

Dr. Chris from Green Valley Az

Future book.

Bacher clearly says we need to do a better job of taking personal ownership

ByAmazon Customeron May 19, 2017

As someone critical of the health care industry, Bacher's emphasis on "sick care" as the business model versus "health care" is compelling. He thoughtfully makes the point that as a consumer of the medical marketplace we should not look to the government for true help as lobbyists are running the show, and the show is all about money and profits. As a senior well into my 70's, the book is a realistic statement that we consumers must accept a personal ownership of our individual health care. This includes what we eat, the role of exercise, importance of stress reduction -- but also points out emphatically that many of us do not want to listen to what we really should be doing to maximize our health and well-being as we get older. Bacher clearly says we need to do a better job of taking personal ownership! For some, this is a hard reality. Your 15 minutes per doctor's office visit is not going to fix poor health decisions. His emphasis that big hospital chains, big pharma, labs and specialty clinics owned by the big hospital chains are a clear source of medical bias -- and is a refreshing and probably disturbing eye opener. Research-based statistics presented in the book will be upsetting to some, but these people need to understand that these statistics also suggest that there is little "cause and effect" in medicine today. This is an excellent short read and is highly recommended to those who are willing to listen and learn what is really going on in the U.S. medical marketplace. Many medical processes are indeed broken.
Dr. Ted, Colorado

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disclaimer: This health information contained in this book and website  is solely for educational purposes and not intended to serve as a replacement of medical advice. Any use of this information is at the reader's own risk. The author specifically disclaims any and all liability arising directly or indirectly from the use or application of any information contained in this book. A health care professional should be consulted regarding your specific situation. If you are taking medications or have health concerns, please consult with your current physician prior to making any of the lifestyle changes or implementing any recommendations mentioned in this book or website.

Robert Bacher

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